Supermarket Chain Accused of Carting Trash in Food-Delivery Trucks

Might want to rethink its penny-pinching slogan.
Might want to rethink its penny-pinching slogan. Photo: Courtesy of Tesco/Facebook

Talk about cross-contamination: The Guardian reports that U.K. supermarket chain Tesco is now hauling its garbage in the same trucks it uses to transport groceries at all other times. Apparently, cutting out a third-party carting service in favor of the more DIY solution of loading up plastic-lined crates with old food saves the company tons of money, because the fleet of vehicles is already out on the road. A Tesco spokesperson claims the trucks are sanitized after being loaded up with putrefied food, and says the strategy is a “new way of managing waste” that’s environmentally friendly. Everyone else thinks it’s just gross. [Guardian]