Pok Pok Offers Ingredient Bundle to Solve Your Thai-Cooking Problems

The master plan.
The master plan. Photo: Courtesy of Random House

One of the greatest things about Andy Ricker’s new Pok Pok book is the underlying idea that by the time you’ve assembled the ingredients to cook one recipe, you’ve already got everything you need to cook any of the others. (After all, a whole bottle of Healthy Boy–brand thin soy sauce goes a long way.) But still, you’ve got to track all that stuff down. Luckily, there are now Ricker-approved satay and khao man som tam ingredient kits that include everything you need. Sure, it’s possible to buy the fixins separately for less cash (provided you live in a major city with access to quality markets), but you’re paying for convenience here. And after all, you’re going to need all the extra time you can spare if you’re going to make that Northern Thai laap, which calls for pork intestine, pork skin, liver, loin, and two cups of fresh or frozen blood, not to mention all that cold Thai beer. [Temple of Thai]