Push-Button Pizza-Delivery Device Seeks Beta Testers


Perhaps because using the telephone, Internet, or any of the approximately 4 gazillion food-delivery apps out there can get bewildering fast, a Washington, D.C.–based group called iStrategyLabs has streamlined the process of ordering Domino’s with this simple console. This Pie Pal (get it?) gadget consists of a knob that allows the user to dial in the number of pizzas he or she wants delivered, and a jumbo LED button in the center sends the order directly down the fast lane of the information superhighway, or something (technical specs are here). You get pizza 30 minutes later. Check it out in action. straight ahead.

So, a bit like that Oreo-separating robot, the usefulness of Pie Pal may be a little dubious, at least at first, which makes it all the more cool that iStrategy is looking for beta testers to give it a go in advance of its real-life launch. Sign up here if you’re hungry — and can stomach Domino’s.

Pie Pal
[Official Site]
Whoa! PiePal Lets You Order Dominos Pizza with the Push of a Button [iStrategy via Reddit]
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