Per Se Alum Serving Ramen Inside LIC Bagel Store

Woo, Mu!

It's a New Yorker's dream for a local bagel shop to transform into a late-night ramen operation, and Joshua Smookler and his wife, Heidy He, are making it come true. At 6 p.m., every Wednesday through Saturday, they'll take over Bricktown Bagels' kitchen and cook up pork-belly buns, fried oysters, and two variations of ramen: spicy miso and Tonkotsu 2.0, with chashu pork jowl, kikurage, menma, sesame, and scallions. Smookler knows what he's doing — he's worked at Bouley, Per Se, Buddakan, and Nobu — and he's extracting 24 ounces of pork-marrow bone to make each bowl of ramen. It's a good time to live in Long Island City. [DNAinfo]