Per Se Alum Serving Ramen Inside LIC Bagel Store

Woo, Mu!

It's a New Yorker's dream for a local bagel shop to transform into a late-night ramen operation, and Joshua Smookler and his wife, Heidy He, are making it come true. At 6 p.m., every Wednesday through Saturday, they'll take over Bricktown Bagels' kitchen and cook up pork-belly buns, fried oysters, and two variations of ramen: spicy miso and Tonkotsu 2.0, with chashu pork jowl, kikurage, menma, sesame, and scallions. Smookler knows what he's doing he's worked at Bouley, Per Se, Buddakan, and Nobu and he's extracting 24 ounces of pork-marrow bone to make each bowl of ramen. It's a good time to live in Long Island City. [DNAinfo]