Michelin Chicago Results Released Early; Alinea Holds On to Three, Grace Lands Two

He's off to beat someone up now.
He's off to beat someone up now. Photo: Galdones Photography

Today is the day representatives make their calls to top-tier chefs and restaurants in advance of releasing the full list of starred places named in 2014 Chicago Michelin Guide, but the Sun-Times accidentally leaked some results early. A post on its Voices blog — which has since been taken down — reported that Grant Achatz has retained three stars at Alinea, while protégé Curtis Duffy has landed on the list with two stars for Grace. Meanwhile, the guide reportedly preserved Graham Elliot’s two-star rating at his namesake restaurant, which is closing just after New Year’s Eve for extensive renovations and a menu overhaul. The full list of starred restaurants will be released this afternoon. Update: Inspectors have released the names of all Chicago winners. [Sun-Times, Earlier]