McDonald’s Employee Who Spit in Cop’s Food Sentenced to 2-Plus Years in Jail

Crispy chicken McEvidence.
Crispy chicken McEvidence. Photo: McDonald's

Back in August of 2012, a twentysomething McDonald’s employee spat in a snack wrap destined for a Michigan police officer. Gross, yes, but felony? The now-former employee was charged with putting harmful objects in food — the “harmful” object in this case being his spit, which tested positive for hepatitis C — and will now serve a minimum of 29 months and up to twenty years in jail.

It’s perhaps worth noting that similar incidents occurred in 2005, twice in 2009, again in 2012, and earlier this year; none were punished so severely. In court, the defendant’s attorney said his client recognized that his actions were “vile and disgusting,” which was supposed to be an admission of contrition, but the judge was of the opinion that the McWrap spitter, who has a lengthy rap sheet, could not be rehabilitated.

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