Mario Batali Fends Off Abortion-Rights Opponents on Twitter

Bring it. Photo: Melissa Hom

Earlier this week, pro-life Twitter users pledged to boycott Mario Batali's restaurants after the chef tweeted his support for a pro-choice telethon — to which the chef responded, Go right ahead. When one miffed follower tweeted: "Remind me never to eat at his place," Batali obliged, and quickly at that: "Reminded!!" he fired back. "A boycott is a very good way to speak your mind!!!" The chef proceeded to spend the next half-hour engaged with his critics, retweeting the animosity-filled interactions, and dispensing bits of political philosophy, all of which is to say it made for some bizarre Twitter exchanges. Tom Colicchio even joined in at one point.

Here are some of Batali's gallant deflections:

And here's Chef Tom, who's got his back.

Somehow, we don't see Babbo's white-truffle-season menus taking a hit over this, but still, it's oddly commendable and compelling that Batali's pledged to keep the Twitter op-eds about freedom coming.

[Mario Batali/Twitter via Mediaite]