Here’s Lucky Peach’s ‘Cooks & Chefs 2.0’ Cover

Learn how to make an omelette.
Learn how to make an omelette. Photo: Courtesy of Lucky Peach

David Chang, Peter Meehan, and Chris Ying have gotten all eight-bit for the cover of the food magazine’s ninth issue, which is apparently jam-packed with cooks and chefs, including a Francis Lam–penned feature on Alex Lee, the greatest chef you’ve (probably) never heard of. Elsewhere, we’re promised some kind of omelette showdown with Michael Anthony and Daniel Boulud; there’s also something sweet from lauded pastry chef Claudia Fleming in there, and a special “magazine inside the magazine” featuring gutsy stuff from René Redzepi’s MAD3 gathering, which took place in August. Lucky Peach issue nine goes on sale November 26. [Lucky Peach, Earlier, Related]