Kraft Wins ‘Cracker Barrel’ Name in Court — for Now

The big cheese prevails.
The big cheese prevails. Photo: Wikipedia; Target

A three-judge panel has upheld a previously issued injunction against the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store in favor of Kraft Foods, which alleges customers might confuse the restaurant chain’s line of meat products (Duck Dynasty Bacon Jerky) with things like Kraft Cracker Barrel cheddar cheese if both were allowed to sell in supermarkets. The food giant, which already had a big legal win this week against Starbucks, initiated legal action not long after the restaurant chain announced plans to sell Cracker Barrel–branded ham and jerky in grocery stores. Kraft claimed consumers would be “confused by the similarity of the logos” between the two brands. How similar were the products? Differences between the two lines apparently “confused even those who worked for the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store,” the Chicago Tribune reports. [Chicago Tribune, Related]