What to Eat at Gotham West Market, Now Serving Top-Notch Ramen, Killer Sandwiches, and More in Hell’s Kitchen


The staggeringly expansive Hell's Kitchen market has opened in the ground floor of the block-though building at 600 11th Avenue. It's got quite the lineup, too: AvroKO, for starters, is serving fish tacos, pulled-pork sandwiches, burgers, and more at its Americana-imbued Genuine Roadside. Meanwhile, Caroline Fidanza based her Little Chef menu of soups and salads on sandwiches she serves at Saltie in Williamsburg; the Cannibal and Resto owner Christian Pappanicholas is serving hot dogs with Chinese mustard and tripe chili, and Seamus Mullen has opened a tapas bar called El Colmado. In addition to its retail component, the Brooklyn Kitchen has a demo space where chefs and cookbook authors will teach classes and make public appearances; Court Street Grocers has a dedicated sandwich shop; Blue Bottle is now steeping New Orleans–style iced coffee; and meanwhile, noodle master Ivan Orkin has (finally) opened his first ramen-ya outside of Japan. Oh, and there's also a bike shop and showroom. Check it all out, straight ahead.

There's Ivan Orkin's anticipated Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop, for starters.


Warming up.Photo: Melissa Hom

... The cornerstone of which is Orkin's classic shio with "double soup," seen here with roasted tomatoes, rye noodles, and pork chashu.


Slurp it while it's hot.Photo: Melissa Hom

Here's the Italian combo from Court Street Grocer's Sandwich Shop, which includes mortadella, capicola, soppressata, Swiss, mozzarella, Pecorino Romano, arugula, red onion, CSG Hoagie Spread, and mayo on a roll.


Why yes, that is a Caputo Bakery roll.Photo: Melissa Hom

And the vendor's Gotham West HQ.


Court Street at the center; Caroline Fidanza's Little Chef at right.Photo: Melissa Hom

Here's the stunning Clean Slate from Carolie Fidanza's Little Chef. It's got hummus, quinoa, pickled vegetables, and yogurt sauce on naan bread. Healthy as it is pretty.


Yes, naan.Photo: Melissa Hom

Over here, we have the counter at the Cannibal's Hell's Kitchen outpost.


Note: Actual cannibals are not welcome here.Photo: Melissa Hom

And here's AvroKO's Genuine Roadside, celebrating all things Americana ...


Jane and Michael Stern are likely psyched.Photo: Melissa Hom

... which means, among other things, the kitchen isn't afraid to put iceberg lettuce on hamburgers.


They've got veggie burgers, too, mind you.Photo: Melissa Hom

The Brooklyn Kitchen has produce, provisions, and equipment.


Pots and pans, too.Photo: Melissa Hom

El Colmado is all about tapas like pan con tomate and croquetas made with smoked eel.


This blurry guy just filled up on lamb meatballs and plancha-grilled octopus.Photo: Melissa Hom

Here's a close-up of the dátil con béicon, a date stuffed with almonds and Valdeón cheese, wrapped in bacon.


Definitely not your Aunt Millie's bacon-wrapped dates.Photo: Melissa Hom

Finally, can you do some coffee?


(Say yes!).Photo: Melissa Hom

It's Blue Bottle.


The coffee company is also selling the full lineup of its pastries and snacks.Photo: Melissa Hom

For those of you keeping score at home, here are all of Gotham West Market's vendor menus. All the folks here are keeping different hours; visit Gotham West Market's website for more information.

Blue Bottle Coffee Menu [PDF]
Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop Menu [PDF]
Genuine Roadside Menu [PDF]
El Colmado Menu [PDF]
Court Street Grocers Sandwich Shop Menu [PDF]
The Cannibal Menu [PDF]
Little Chef Menu [PDF]
600 11th Ave., nr. 45 St.; 212-582-7940