Here’s How to Freakishly ‘Fry’ an Egg in Super-Cold Cryogenic Fluid


Consummate Gizmodo hacker Brent Rose didn’t want to let any of the DIY cryogenic fluid he’d used to make frozen liquor cryo-spheres go to waste, so he decided to dispatch a freshly cracked farm egg right into a pool of the stuff, where it “cooks” at roughly -100 degrees Fahrenheit. Since the mixture is made of isopropyl alcohol and dry ice, the magically fried egg isn’t eggs-actly edible — it’s superfrozen, after all, and basted in non-potable liquid — but as a parlor trick, this is certainly on the same wavelength as using old sweatshirts to scramble eggs in their shells. Besides that, it’s fun to watch. Hopefully, he’ll test the stuff on bacon next.

Cryogenic Fluid vs. Egg [Kinja via FDL]
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