FDA Moves to Ban Trans Fats

Good-bye, old frenemy.
Good-bye, old frenemy. Photo: Mykal Roventine/Flickr

Bloomberg is rubbing off on the nation. Five years after the soon-to-be-former mayor’s ban on trans fats in New York City restaurants went into effect, the FDA is making moves to remove all trans fats from processed foods. The proposal holds that partially hydrogenated oils would no longer be “generally recognized as safe,” meaning that companies that continue to use trans fats in their products would have to meet the very high, very unlikely burden of proof that the oils are safe to eat. (Inevitably they’ll just throw a bunch of money at this issue.) Nevertheless, the proposal is open for comments for 60 days, so speak now or forever hold your piece of soon-to-be-illegal partially-hydrogenated-fueled frozen pizza. [FDA, NYT, Earlier]