Eataly Could Be Headed to Boston Next

La Pizza, too?
La Pizza, too? Photo: Brea Souders/New York Magazine

Now that the Chicago outpost of Eataly is almost open, the proprietors of the Torino-based slow food megamarket tell the Boston Globe that they’ve been scouting local real estate for about a year. “We’d love to do it sooner than later, but it’s a matter of fitting it in and wanting to do it the right way,” says managing partner Adam Saper, who adds that Quincy Market may be a real possibility. This should be great news for all those saddened by Eataly partner Mario Batali’s August announcement that plans for Babbo Pizzeria and Enoteca in Fort Pond were on hold: While the store is all about imported salumi and pasta, its in-store restaurants are molto, molto Mario. [Boston Globe via, Earlier, Related]