Help Bring Another Del’s Frozen Lemonade Truck to New York


Are there enough Rhode Islanders in New York to warrant not one, but two Del’s Frozen Lemonade trucks? Cam Crawford thinks so, and the Dumbo-based metal fabricator behind this summer’s launch has now taken to Kickstarter to ask for your assistance in revamping another 1950 Chevy Step Van to double the overall presence of Rhode Island’s signature slushie in the New York City streets. The Ocean State’s pride in its “regional cuisine” tends to be endearingly disproportionate to the food’s quality, but the old-school Del’s is apparently retro enough to make it big here (see also: the rise of ’Gansett). We’ll hold out for trendy takes on stuffies and coffee milk, but in the meantime, watch the pitch from Del’s ambassador to NYC, straight ahead.

Help us put a second truck on the road! [Kickstarter via Gothamist]
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