De Blasio’s Monster Truffle Sent to High School

It even came with its own box.
It even came with its own box. Photo: Jenny Anderson

Here’s Bill de Blasio’s 305-gram white Alba truffle, purchased by an anonymous buyer at a charity auction last weekend as a gift. The tuber made landfall earlier this week, and for some reason, instead of going on a truffle binge with that super-sharp peeler, the mayor-elect decided it would be better to send the eleven-ouncer straight to the Food and Finance High School, Next Tuesday, it’ll be used to feed (and educate!) the kids and staff. Jonathan Benno of Lincoln, Jesse Schenker of Recette, Gabe Thompson of L’Apicio and Anfora, and Colavita’s Ken Arnone will all be on hand to serve as Truffle 101 guest chef-lecturers. [NYDN, Earlier]