Dale Talde Writing ‘Proudly Inauthentic’ Talde Cookbook

Talde's restaurant group currently includes restaurants in Brooklyn and plans for Jersey City. Photo: Melissa Hom

In addition to his just-announced expansion to Jersey City, the seemingly indefatigable Dale Talde is also working on his debut cookbook, reports Publishers Marketplace (subscription required). Grand Central Life & Style will publish the Brooklyn-based chef and restaurateur's book Asian-American in spring of 2015, which is all about "the bold Asian flavors and trademark Americana spin of Talde's "proudly inauthentic" eponymous Park Slope restaurant." All of this is to say that, soon, the secrets of buttered-toast breakfast ramen, knockout fried chicken, and edamame hummus can be yours. Hopefully, the Porky Melt recipe from Pork Slope makes it in as well. [Publishers Marketplace, Related]