Watch the Trailer for the Forthcoming Cook It Raw Film


Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine of the Perennial Plate were on hand to document this year’s barbecue-themed Cook It Raw in South Carolina, the innovative, globe-circling event that takes chefs out of their regular element and asks them to serve meals made with gleaned ingredients. Straight ahead, watch Cook It Raw founder Alessandro Porcelli get philosophical with Sean Brock, while April Bloomfield, Enrique Olvera, Alex Stupak, Dan Barber, and many more chef-luminaries get down to business in the background.

Given Klein and Mirra’s insightful approach and previous takes on field-to-table udon noodles and their look at a farmer using unconventional foie gras production techniques, we’re excited about the prospect of an expanded, short film based on the Cook It Raw that took place in Brock’s backyard. It’ll be released next year.

Cook It Raw Trailer
[Perennial Plate]
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