Instagram-Happy Robbers Nabbed After Posting Fast-Food Porn to Instagram

Clue No. 1
Clue No. 1 Photo: Youtube

Rocklin, California, police announced the arrest of four auto burglary suspects ranging in ages from 17 to 27 after the group bought $120 worth of Carl’s Jr. food with a stolen credit card and then proceeded to post shots of the fast-food spread on Instagram. The haul included “five $6 burgers, five orange creme shakes, three barbecue chicken quesadillas, one bacon Swiss chicken sandwich, two double western sandwiches, two orders of fried zucchini, six orders of cross-cut fries, two teriyaki burgers, with added bacon, two barbecue chicken sandwiches, with added bacon, five southwest chicken tacos, with added sour cream.” (In an unexpected Robin Hood move, the robbers even paid for the party behind them on line.)

Ultimately, one particular photo with 76 likes and a “Straight Flexxin” caption was enough to kick the investigation into high gear, leading authorities directly to the ketchup-stained suspects. The police chief calls the social-media-based crackdown “an excellent police investigation by members of the Rocklin Police Department,” while the Carl’s Jr. shift leader says he thinks the kids were just “kind of stupid.”

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