Calliope Debuts Monthly Cookbook-Based Dinners, and the First One Looks Amazing

Say 'yes' to the aspic.
Say 'yes' to the aspic. Photo: Jonathan Nesteruk

Eric Korsh and Ginevra Iverson have decided to switch things up a bit at their restaurant Calliope, and next Tuesday they’ll cook a seven-course meal straight out of Lulu’s Provençal Table, by the inimitable Richard Olney. (“The menu will be based on recipes from the book,” says Iverson, “but I’m sure we’ll tweak them a bit.) Basically, this is your chance to geek out big time on a menu of retro French food, which is apparently very much in vogue these days. The menu includes buttered sardine crusts, octopus confit, rabbit and carrots in aspic, calves’-tongue pot-au-feu, walnut cake with apples, and lots more, all for $70 per person. Call 212-260-8484 to reserve your spot. [Calliope, Related, Related]