Butterball CEO Says It’s Not Cool to Call Chubby People ‘Butterballs’

Defrost me!
Defrost me! Photo: Butterball

While the stubborn refusal of Butterball turkeys to fatten up this year remains a profound mystery, at least chief executive Rod Brenneman has answers for some other Thanksgiving-related questions: Because of sheer demand, there’s a solid chance your bird this Thursday may have met its end ten months ago, he says, as the company begins freezing turkeys a year before the big day. And because one in four of the callers to the help hotline are men, the company has added its very first dude turkey-advice-hotline operators. And about the company name being used as a euphemism for chubby people, Brenneman has a zero-tolerance policy: “There is no talk or joke about being a butterball at this company. Only about our turkeys. They’re plump.” he says. [AP, Earlier]