Some Anonymous Person Just Bought Bill de Blasio an $8,000 Truffle

Silver presentation tray and truffle napkin not included.
Silver presentation tray and truffle napkin not included.Photo: AFP PHOTO / OLIVIER MORIN

Yesterday, some intrepid bidder shelled out $8,000 for a 305-gram white Alba truffle from the annual charity auction held at Grinzane Cavour castle in the Piedmont, which, considering the fact that somewhat larger specimens can often be had for considerably less cash, is news on its own. But then organizers made the shocking announcement that the eleven-ouncer is not bound for some high-end European estate, but rather straight to NYC, apparently, where it will be hand-delivered as a gift to Mayor-Elect De Blasio. Let’s hope the tuber clears customs, and that Dante likes risotto. (Though white truffles go nicely with pizza, too.) [The Local, Related]