Baron Ambrosia Now Has His Own Movie

Real genius.
Real genius. Photo: Melissa Hom

He’s already had his face plastered on a huge billboard overlooking the RFK Bridge, and now Justin Fornal, a.k.a. Baron Ambrosia, is making his big-screen-movie debut, which you can check out for free tomorrow night in the Bronx, of course. The film looks as over-the-top and food-filled as anything you’d expect coming from the borough’s ubiquitous culinary ambassador, and to mark the occasion of Baron Ambrosia Is Dead, the New York Times takes a good look at Fornal’s continuing mission to get people to try new foods. Even if you have no interest in watching Melle Mel battle a giant hamburger on a Bronx rooftop to save the guy’s life, the short video is worth checking out here. [NYT, Earlier]