Customers Accused of Anti-Gay Receipt Commentary Say It’s a Hoax


The New Jersey husband and wife accused of giving an openly gay New Jersey restaurant server a sermonizing receipt instead of a real tip now tell NBC — anonymously — that they did, in fact, leave a 20 percent tip for Danya Morales earlier this month, and what’s more, they’d “never leave a note like that.” As proof, the wife has supplied NBC with a credit-card statement and their copy of the receipt, and meanwhile, she insists a left-handed person wouldn’t make a slash through the tip line as it appears on Morales’s receipt. Besides all that, the husband didn’t vote for Chris Christie because of his stance on gay marriage. So what gives?

On the one hand, we have a restaurant employee who once enlisted in the Marine Corps, who now says simply, “All I know is what I’ve been saying” on the matter. (Our friends at Daily Intel note Morales doesn’t really have a self-serving financial motivation, since she’s donating the money that poured in after the incident to a veterans charity.) But on the other hand, if the family has been anonymous up until now, what’s in it for them? They’re not in a position to clear their name when it’s not out there. For now, the husband and wife seem to be motivated by … justice. “I think there’s enough hate and intolerance in the world that to create it when it wasn’t there is shameful and dishonorable,” the wife tells NBC.

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