Someone Stole 140,000 Pounds of Walnuts From a California Farm

Have police considered the possibility of a giant squirrel?
Have police considered the possibility of a giant squirrel?Photo: Shutterstock

Thieves struck a farm in Escalon, California, Sunday night, making off with truckloads full of walnuts. The thought of robbers stuffing their pockets with nuts becomes less amusing when you learn that the nuts were worth $400,000 and represent a prime commodity in a state that supplies almost all the walnuts eaten in the country. “It’s brazen; it’s aggressive,” says Bruce Blodgett, director of the San Joaquin Farm Bureau Federation. Nut heists are only escalating in the region — this latest theft is the largest haul, but there’s been a series of walnut thefts — and unless the perpetrators are caught, expert say these crimes will keep getting worse. [CBS Sacramento]