The NoMad Will Serve Snacks From Hong Kong Restaurant Yardbird

The Yardbird crew last week; Abergel on right.
The Yardbird crew last week; Abergel on right. Photo: Courtesy Yardbird/Facebook

Beginning tomorrow night, three snacks from Matt Abergel’s extremely popular Yardbird HK will land on the menu at Will Guidara and Daniel Humm’s Flatiron restaurant, where, in an interesting twist, they’ll be available throughout the remainder of the year. The restaurateurs met for the first time when Guidara and Humm were in Hong Kong for the Mandarin Oriental’s epic 50th-birthday celebration, and around that time, we’re told, they became “obsessed with the restaurant and the food.” Now Abergel, who’s in town for the NYC Wine & Food Festival, has lent the NoMad kitchen recipes for his Korean Fried Cauliflower (with yuzu and chiles) and Scotch Egg (wrapped in chicken farce, fried, and serve with Kewpie mayo), and a third dish yet to be named. “We’re looking forward to having him and his dishes showcased at NoMad,” Humm says in an e-mail, “as well as spending more time with an incredible guy who deserves as much attention as he can get!” [Related]