Villard Michel Richard Is the Most Expensive-Looking Restaurant in New York

Yep, a glass wine cube's the centerpiece.

Yep, a glass wine cube's the centerpiece.Photo: Melissa Hom

Famed D.C.-based chef Michel Richard has returned to New York after 40 years, and this is one serious comeback. He's overseeing three concepts inside the New York Palace hotel: the Bistro (110 seats), the Gallery (a 50-seat fine-dining area), and the Pomme Palais bakery. Jeffrey Beers designed the space, which includes extravagant elements like an art installation that will reveal portraits of Richard and Henry Villard, a glass wine cube in the center of the dining room, and photographs of classic movie stars in gold-leaf frames. (Could this be the most expensive restaurant buildout ever?) French-American dishes like mushroom risotto, a lobster burger, and roasted chicken will be served in the "casual bistro-style setting." Check out the space, the menus, and a few of the dishes, straight ahead.


$$$Photo: Melissa Hom


Racks on racks on racks.Photo: Melissa Hom


Are the spoons made of pure gold too?Photo: Melissa Hom


"Faux Gras" Terrine & Country Pâté.Photo: Melissa Hom


Michel's Fried Chicken.Photo: Melissa Hom


One more look at the stunning dining room.Photo: Melissa Hom

Breakfast [PDF]
Lunch [PDF]
Dinner [PDF]
Dessert [PDF}

Villard Michel Richard, the New York Palace Hotel, 455 Madison Ave., 212-891-8100


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