King & Grove Williamsburg Debuts Upper Elm’s Fall Menus

The Elm below Upper Elm.
The Elm below Upper Elm.Photo: Melissa Hom

It’s just about that chilly time of year when the immortal Bob Ross busts out his palette knife and starts painting all kinds of forest-floor hiding places for his little squirrel friends in shades of yellow ocher and alizarin crimson, but King & Grove Williamsburg is still going strong anyhow with Upper Elm, the rooftop bar above the Elm. Paul Liebrandt’s new casual menu includes spinach-artichoke dip and chips and fondue with green apple and rustic bread. Johnny Swet’s cocktails include an autumnal punch made with apple, cinnamon, and bourbon. The Upper Elm is open Wednesdays through Sundays with a variety of programming and music, which you can check out, along with a sneak preview of the spectacular view, right here. And in addition to Platt’s enthusiastic review of Liebrandt’s cooking from last month, Pete Wells has just given the Elm two stars. [Earlier]