Watch The Chew Hosts Read Lines From the 2 Chainz Cookbook


Mario Batali and his co-hosts had 2 Chainz on The Chew this week as the rapper promoted his new album and companion cookbook, #Meal Time. The Chew crew made crab cakes, mango salsa, and “Me Time” sauce (or copious amounts of mayo and Old Bay), and while 2 Chainz regrettably did not don his “fancy apron” (gold chains and everything), there’s ample enjoyment in hearing Batali tell him that “Mercy” with Kanye West is “such a bangin’ song.” The cookbook, released last month with B.O.A.T.S. 2 #Metime, is dripping with all kinds of sound advice, some of which follows, straight ahead.

2 Chainz’ Cookbook Gets A Dramatic Reading On ‘The Chew’
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