TGI Fridays Waiter Accused of Spiking Muslim Woman’s Drink With Bacon

Not a good combo, in this case.
Not a good combo, in this case. Photo: TGI Fridays/Shutterstock

It isn’t surprising that converted Muslim Nicole Queen asked to have the bacon removed from her Cobb salad while she was lunching this week at a TGI Fridays in Garland, Texas. (Pork, as you probably know, is banned in the Muslim diet.) And when the server offered Queen a free iced tea, she considered it a nice gesture to make up for the “cold” service she had received earlier (unfriendliness that she attributed to the server being uncomfortable serving a Muslim). But as she took a sip of the drink, she says she got a mouthful of bacon — leaving her to deduce that the server had taken the time to shove bits of bacon down the narrow straw before replacing the little white wrapper on top.

She says she complained to a manager, but “everything that came out of his mouth was denial and excuses.”

Fridays itself released a perfunctory corporate statement that reads, in part, “We have been in contact with the guest, and we are working with her to investigate. We will take any appropriate actions necessary based on the findings.”

Queen herself tells Dallas news station WFAA that she has no plans to file a lawsuit but hopes that Fridays will offer sensitivity training to its staff.

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