A Look at Tavern on the Green’s ‘Timeless’ New Logo

Graphic-designer-tested, spritely-sheep-approved.
Graphic-designer-tested, spritely-sheep-approved. Photo: Courtesy of Tavern on the Green

The new proprietors of Tavern on the Green are racing to open in time for New Year’s Eve, and aside from the handsome new website and logo, The New York Times Magazine reports on how Jim Caiola and David Salama of the Emerald Green Group, along with chef Katy Sparks, considered and reconsidered every wood panel, dinner plate, goblet, fork, tabletop surface, door hinge, and lightbulb that went into the revamped Central Park restaurant. The feature, part of the magazine’s annual blockbuster “Food & Drink” issue this weekend, also includes a fun little slideshow dedicated to the origin story of the new logo and its inspiration — Caiola says the crestlike design feels “timeless, but also contemporary.” [Official Site, New York Times Magazine, Earlier]