Teen Crashes Into Taco Bell Four Times

Moving target.
Moving target. Photo: Compujeramy/Flickr

Like so many gorditas, one alcohol-induced crash into a Taco Bell wasn’t enough for Armando Lupercio. After the teen allegedly smashed into a Duluth, Minnesota, store’s glass façade, the 19-year-old plowed his car into different parts of the Taco Bell again and again and again, hitting a tree, a car, and almost bowling down a police officer and two bystanders in the process. Fortunately no one was hurt, though it’ll be a while before Lupercio makes another taco pit stop: He’s been hit with all kinds of felony charges and two counts of aggravated assault, although he has another explanation of the event. “I’m sorry,” he told police, “but the gas pedal was stuck.” [GDP]