Swedish Millionaire Sabotages Ice-Cream Truck for Greater Good

Sometimes heroes have cordless drills.
Sometimes heroes have cordless drills. Photo: George Rose/Getty Images

A “prominent Swedish businessman” has confessed to drilling holes in an ice-cream truck’s tires because of its never-ending loudness, and now he wants “to start a debate about ice cream truck noise.” Entrepreneur Peter Nilsson originally denied responsibility for the crime that took place in July, but has since come clean, sensing his chance to turn the misdemeanor into substantive social change. Nilsson apparently warned the ice-cream-truck drivers — in this case, a teenage girl — and said he would act if they didn’t stop honking their horns. Fish trucks can’t honk their horns to attract customers, he argues, so why should ice-cream vendors be allowed? Says Nilsson, “I will never give up.” [The Local, Related]