Watch CBS News Tour the Inside of the Sriracha Factory


Want to see how the most beloved condiment in the entire world is made? You won’t get the most comprehensive pepper-to-paste picture here, but it’s certainly fun to watch Huy Fong Foods founder (and sriracha millionaire) David Tran give unprecedented access to CBS This Morning and watch him zoom correspondent Ben Tracy around on a golf cart through his Irwindale, California, warehouse lined with 200,000 giant barrels of fermenting peppers. No doubt the press-shy executive’s charm offensive has something to do with the city’s recent lawsuit against the company, which seeks to at least temporarily halt production in the middle of peak season, because locals have been choking on capsaicin fumes around the clock. But look, there’s Roy Choi with a sriracha testimonial.

Sriracha: Behind the scenes of the “magic” hot sauce [CBS]
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