Pastor Says Girl Scout Cookies Promote Lesbianism, Communists

That poor child. Photo: Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Oh, man: Pastor Kevin Swanson is begging his followers to avoid "wicked" Girl Scout Cookies. Why's that? "I mean, I dont want to support lesbianism," he explains on his radio talk show, Generations Radio. "I dont want to support Planned Parenthood, and I dont want to support abortion."

Here's the relevant clip:

Swanson, who runs his show out of his Colorado basement "a safe distance from the demise of Western civilization" claims the organization is doing some "shocking things" at their conventions, where "lots and lots of lesbians are showing up." The cookie, the not-so-innocent sapphic agent of these green-vested girls, ultimately represents the demise of "godly womanhood."

That's not all: Per Swanson, entrepreneurial girls selling cookies lead to communism, too. "In fact, if you want a Communist in the White House in the year 2020," Swanson continues in the clip, "you have got to get more daughters raised with the worldview, the independent mind-set, the worldview that is presented by the Girl Scouts of America."

When Oklahoma City's KFOR News asked an 11-year-old Scout what she thought Girl Scouts taught her, she replied, "You have to respect your authorities and be kind to people. You have to be courageous and strong."

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