Violent Things Happen in Seattle Restaurants

It's not worth it.

It's been a rough one in the Emerald City: First, upon being told his third packet of ranch dressing would cost a quarter, a Jack in the Box patron threw a fit until he got one for free. Unsatisfied, the man then shoved a 68-year-old man to the ground and ran out of the store and vanished on his purple bike. The next day, another hotheaded customer attacked a Chipotle employee with a glass bottle of hot sauce just because she wished him good evening, and on Wednesday, some other guy threw a pizzeria's trash cans in the street then stabbed the counter man in the back because he did not immediately hand over a free pie. Thankfully, Hot Sauce Guy was caught quickly because he was “covered in hot sauce,” while Pizza Stabber was apprehended with four knives. Ranch Dressing Guy is still at large, though, so be careful out there. [Seattle Times]