Red Lobster Server Who Posted Racist Receipt Gets $10,000 Tip

The receipt in question.

Is enduring a few days of intense scrutiny from hundreds of strangers on the Internet worth it if there's a $10,000 consolation when it's all over? Toni Jenkins says yes. Last month, you may recall, the Red Lobster server discovered a racial slur instead of a tip on a customer's receipt, which signaled the start of many problems. The Tennessee restaurant suspended Jenkins (with pay) after she posted the image on Facebook, and meanwhile, an army of Redditors accused the aspiring nurse of writing the slur herself. It seemed like nothing good could possibly come from it until a California man caught wind of the story and launched "Tips for Toni," an online campaign that culminated last week with a fresh cashier's check, which Jenkins has used to pay down loans and get a used car. As a bonus, she'll also continue working at Red Lobster, which is more than other chain restaurant employees caught up in receipt escapades can say. [The Grio, Earlier]