Rabbi Bans Soy Out of Fear It Promotes Gay Sex

No tofu for you.
No tofu for you. Photo: Kondo Photography/cultura/Corbis

A rabbi of an ultra-orthodox Hasidic sect in Israel warns that eating soy products turns boys gay, and has allegedly banned all things tofu in his yeshiva. Granted, this is coming from the same sect that previously banned the “normative incidental physical contact” known as the handshake, you know, for the same reasons. Estrogenlike chemicals in soy have indeed been linked to wonky hormone changes, but highly reputable sources hold that soy consumption decreases men’s libido, rather than making them change teams; maybe the rabbi has just been reading too many Men’s Health back issues, and taking claims that soy “has the power to undermine everything it means to be male” just a little too seriously. [Independent UK]