Pizza Hut Needs Millennials to Eat Its Three-Cheese Stuffed-Crust Pizza

Nothing says Gen Y like melted white cheddar.
Nothing says Gen Y like melted white cheddar. Photo: Courtesy of Pizza Hut/Facebook

The chain starts selling an “adult-focused” version of stuffed-crust pizza Monday in three stores (October 20, nationwide), and apparently Pizza Hut R&D; has been boning up on its millennial trend pieces, because the chain is convinced that “cheese pockets” filled with provolone, mozzarella, and white cheddar are really the best combination for millennials, unlike previous, more humdrum stuffed-crust iterations. It’s not immediately clear how the chain went about deciding Generation Y is all about this particular formula, and USA Today’s assertion that millennials “crave mixed flavors in their foods” isn’t really helping. (“This is a better explosion of cheese,” offers Pizza Hut executive chef Wiley Bates III.) In any case, it’s the chain’s first permanent change to the menu in over twenty years, and Pizza Hut is putting its money behind the novelty crust, though not without a little not-so-masked disdain toward its target demo: “Guess what’s coming?” Reads a recent Facebook post. “Hint: It’s a little full of itself.” [USAT, Earlier]