Single Mom Inspires Act of Kindness at Pizza Hut


Tales of generosity and human decency continue to flow from the dining rooms of America’s fast-food chains and greasy spoons. In today’s episode of Pay It Forward: Restaurant Edition, a single mom who had taken her two kids to Pizza Hut for their weekly dinner out not only got her meal paid for, but she also got a gift card to take home for the next visit. It had been a bad week, the unidentified woman tells the ABC reporter. Her kids — both under 6, one with Asperger’s and ADHD — were getting rowdy. She apologized for the disruption to a man sitting nearby, but he waved it off. Having three kids of his own, he said, he could relate. But that was just the start of it.

Mom stunned by act of kindness at Pizza Hut [ABC 11 via HuffPo]
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