Carnegie Deli Owner Sues Husband Over Alleged Philandering

Insert salami joke here.

The owner of the Carnegie Deli has filed a lawsuit against her husband, who has allegedly been carrying on a 15-year-long affair with a woman who lives upstairs from the iconic establishment. Marian Levine, the daughter of the delicatessen’s founder Milton Parker, not only wants the pair kicked to the curb because she owns the entire apartment building, but also because her husband allegedly "did not demonstrate sound business judgment or further [Marian Levine’s] business interests" when he signed a 15-year lease with his girlfriend, giving her a rate of $975 a month, far below market value. Legal papers also allege the girlfriend is using documents that "belonged to her deceased sister" so she can remain in the U.S."illegally." Too bad Family Pickle isn’t still on; this is the stuff of reality-TV dreams. [NYDN, Related]