Milwaukee McDonald’s Were a Front for Lucrative Weed Dealership

Still at large.

And its workers were still making minimum wage: A Wisconsin McDonald's franchisee has been charged with money laundering, conspiracy to distribute "high-grade" marijuana, and a slew of other offenses after he allegedly used his franchise locations as a front for a suburban drug ring. According to a federal indictment, Edward G. Patterson, who owns three fast-food restaurants, deposited $12,000 into his businesses' checking accounts as part of a drug-trafficking operation that involved sales of oxycodone, methadone, and marijuana shipped in from Northern California. Raids of the McDonald's and several residences turned up several pounds of marijuana, eleven firearms, and about $90,000 in cash. The Mickey Ds have been temporarily shut down, ridding Milwaukee-area suburbanites of their after-school hangouts and weed supply in one fell swoop. [Journal Sentinel, Related]