Employees Help Deliver McBaby in McDonald’s Bathroom

Not the actual baby born yesterday.
Not the actual baby born yesterday. Photo: Leo Burnett/McDonald's India

A bit of good news to counter that whole depressing drive-through crime-wave thing: A group of employees working a shift at a Lake Wales, Florida, McDonald’s came to the aid of a woman who went into labor three months early yesterday in the fast-food restaurant’s bathroom. Shardonnay Hill gave birth after workers “helped prepare an area” and a 911 operator talked them through the process. The newborn wasn’t breathing at first, but paramedics eventually arrived, got the infant breathing, then airlifted the mother and child to an area hospital. While giving birth over flattened cardboard boxes in a Mickey D’s restroom may seem like the most dismal way to bring a child into the world, it’s an oddly heartwarming tale: The baby has been named Joshua, but already has a nickname that’ll likely stick. McDonald’s is Shardonnay’s favorite restaurant, his aunt explains, so “we need to call him Ronald.” [KPLC TV, Earlier]