Convicted Mobster’s Indiegogo Campaign Was a Big Success

He's so excited.

The ex-mobster with lofty culinary ambitions had no trouble hitting his crowd-funding goals, so now he gets to expand his mafia-themed restaurant. Angelo Lutz — a.k.a. the Kitchen Consigliere, a.k.a. Luzzi, a.k.a. Big Ange — reopened his New Jersey Italian restaurant last week in a space three times the size of his first location, complete with sconces shaped like nine-millimeter handguns and a "Joey's Pork Chops" special in honor of South Jersey mob boss "Skinny Joey" Merlino. Awwwww. He raised nearly $35,000 on Indiegogo, and thousands more from investors, he tells the Washington Post, and the restaurant expansion is just the beginning. He's gunning for Kitchen Consigliere franchises in other cities, and his own Mob Wives–meets–Top Chef reality show, of course. That, and he hopes to start a foundation to help other ex-cons become entrepreneurs. [WaPo, Earlier]