White-Truffle-Topped Ice Cream Now Blowing Minds at Juni

High-priced brain freeze for high rollers.
High-priced brain freeze for high rollers. Photo: Courtesy of Juni

Sure, this year’s nascent white-truffle season abounds with all sorts of big-money deals and bargain-basement pricing strategies, but let it be known that Shaun Hergatt is not messing around at Juni: Reps from the two-month-old restaurant inside the Hotel Chandler just sent over this photo of house vanilla ice cream, which is dappled with truffle oil in a bowl before being showered with Alba truffle shavings — you’ll finally have use for that minuscule, white-gold shovel you’ve been holding on to! For a limited time, you can order the dessert to cap off any of the restaurant’s multicourse tasting menus, or get it à la carte, for $50. [Earlier, Earlier, Related]