NYPD Sued for Confusing Jolly Ranchers and Crystal Meth

It's not meth.

A Brooklyn man who was detained for possession of what cops thought was crystal meth, but were actually just some red and blue Jolly Ranchers, is suing for emotional distress and damages. Love Olatunjiojo alleges that he and a friend had just purchased the candy from the Surf Avenue It'Sugar store when they were discovered carrying "crystalline rocks of solid material." The cops claim the Jolly Ranchers field-tested positive for drugs and Olatunjiojo spent the next 24 hours in jail while it all got sorted out, which is to say there's some choice material for over-the-top It'Sugar founder Jeff Rubin to work with here. Meth Ranchers would fit right in next to the Camel Balls. [NYDN via Daily Intelligencer, Related]