McDonald’s Didn’t Use Much Heinz Ketchup, Anyhow

Ketchup boy says "Everybody chill."
Ketchup boy says "Everybody chill." Photo: stuart goldenberg

McDonald’s announced on Friday it would purge Heinz from its domestic and international franchise locations, which presumably had something to do with the Burger King executive who was recently named CEO of the Pittsburgh-based company, and also Warren Buffett. But it turns out that Pittsburgh and Minneapolis are the only two U.S. markets where Heinz gets play, and aside from that, things have been tense between the two companies since 1973, when a measly tomato harvest led to a condiment crisis. “Heinz gave priority to its glass-bottle customers and left McDonald’s short,” the WSJ reported in 2006. The chain has reportedly been using California-based Golden State all this time. [CNN]