Pop-up Greenmarket Coming to JFK

Load up.
Load up. Photo: Photo: Flickr4Jazz/Flickr

It’s got Shake Shack and Carmellini already, so a pop-up Greenmarket inside the airport really is the next logical step. From October 29 to 31, JetBlue and Grow NYC are bringing in a farm stand selling fruit, baked goods, beer, cider, and the like as part of an effort to help New York farmers “build their brands to an audience outside the borders of the Empire State,” says Governor Cuomo. Once passengers have stuffed their carry-ons with maple syrup, they can also capture this strange moment at a “harvest-themed photo booth,” drink a smoothie mixed in a bike-powered blender, or play some sort of recycling game with food scraps, the details of which are yet to be disclosed. Just don’t say yes to a stranger who asks you to carry any kale onboard for him. [PRNewswire, Related]