English People Were On to Frogs’ Legs Thousands of Years Before the French

Maybe true, but French frogs' legs don't get fat. Photo: iStockphoto

Ye olde pissing match between England and France over which country has the most legit food culture has taken an unexpected turn: Archaeologists working on a site near Stonehenge uncovered a set of charred toad bones in a pit with a bunch of other food, indicating that "frogs' legs were an English delicacy" some 8,000 years before French folks even thought of adding garlic and butter to the fricassee. "There's basically a Heston Blumenthal menu coming out of the site," the team leader tells the Guardian. Either that, or eons back in the space-time continuum, some smelly proto-English teen who loved to torture frogs with flames is still laughing manically. [Guardian, Related]