Food Network’s Ratings Continued to Drop After Paula Deen Firing

She may even debut her new eye makeup line soon.
She may even debut her new eye makeup line soon.

Food Network viewership was foundering prior to the day executives announced they wouldn’t be renewing Paula Deen’s contract, Bloomberg reports, and numbers haven’t recovered since.

June 21, 2013 will forever be known as the dawn of the Deenosaurs, most of whom criticized the Food Network for abandoning the embattled celebrity chef. Will Paula be getting back on the air? Maybe.

It seems that Cybill Shepherd’s Law & Order: SVU Deen-inspired tour de cringe was just the warm-up to the cringe payload about to arrive in the form of Deen’s E! True Hollywood Story, which debuts October 14. It features friends, family, and frenemies alike, including Deen’s son Jamie, who says,”If we were any closer, we’d share underwear.” Great. We’ll pretend we never read that, and let the comeback begin!

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