Flaming Cocktail ‘Explodes’ in Woman’s Face at U.K. Bar

Manchester, so much to answer for.
Manchester, so much to answer for. Photo: Courtesy of Lola's Cocktail Lounge

An unnamed 24-year-old customer’s face “was on fire” at Manchester bar Lola’s after a flaming sambuca cocktail reportedly exploded near her, the Manchester Evening News reports. Some customers ducked for cover while staff at the “Miami-style cocktail lounge” called an ambulance; reports suggest the woman, who suffered burns on her face and chest, was standing at the bar talking to a friend when her hair caught on fire. The bar’s proprietors, in the meantime, say they’ve never had a dangerous incident with a flaming drink and are reviewing safety measures. But, seriously, England: Apparently not the best place to order very hot or very cold drinks. [Manchester Evening News, Related]